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An additional space to sleep for your overnight visitors

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What we can do when the guests must stay overnight?

If you need additional space to sleep for your overnight visitors, is worth remembering that there is nothing better than a normal Comfortable Bed with a mattress for some one to sleep on. It is not a sofa.

Sure, it's better to buy a bed, I also want to have space in the room and a full size bed take a lot of spaces but I don’t really have the room and that leaves very little room for my guests to enjoy their stay...

Simply a Wall Bed is the best solution. Folded up it takes up very little space. You can also choose a Hidden Bed with shelves or cabinets. It fulfils many functions, on a daily basis can serve as storage for small belongings and, when necessary can be used as a bed. Thus, the problem with the guests is solved.

I'd love to buy a bed for guests, but I do not have a guest room...

You do not need to have a guest room because wall bed can be placed anywhere, even in the living room. This is one of the benefits of multi functional furniture and perfectly suited to consider not only for visitors but also in small bedroom design or for our children rooms.

The Fold out Beds are perfect to convert the living room in to a bedroom for when guests are planning to visit us and stay overnight.

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