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How to appropriately select the colour of your dreams furniture?

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How to appropriately select the colour of your dreams furniture?

How colours affect the human psyche, which cause reactions and behaviour ... Proper combinations of colour allows you to create a suitable design for the given character.

The choice of colours for the interior is an important point. It should be adjusted to the function of the room, as well as to your own personality. Don't forget that by using specific colours, we can achieve goals – e.g.:

- create in our home a place of relaxation using blue or green colour

- reinforce the feelings of closeness by finishing off the bedroom with shades of pink

- to put your guests happy to visit and enjoy staying in your living room use orange or yellow.

But you still should be aware of your own needs and intuition. Regardless of everything, the colours in our home should give us support and we will feel happy. Therefore choose ones that really relate to your needs.

Red encourages positive thinking. It is considered to be the colour that indicates life and is often associated with an increase in motivation. It gives the interior a warm and cozy atmosphere. However in its pure form it is used very rarely – due to the high intensity of the colour.

Therefore it has a strong impact on people and too long to remain in the "red" interior can cause strong stimulation, and then fatigue and exhaustion. During the stay in coloured red room change physiological responses of the body, for example: more often we blink our eyes, also increases blood pressure.

Red is the colour of love, therefore, is associated with human sexual life. It is perfect to consider a pink shades for your small bedroom designs, in fact it enhance the feelings. We should avoid in bedroom too intense tone of colours, because it can impede falling asleep – particularly those with excitable and nervous nature. It can be good only for those who need to increase their energy levels.

Yellow is the colour associated with joy and optimism. It is the colour of the sun, which makes people around it feel great. It stimulates organizational skills and self-confidence. Inclines the mind to action, with it we can memorize and associate better. So let's use this colour in places where we learn and work – in lecture halls and classrooms, offices, rooms of students.

Also perfectly suited for living rooms, dining room. It makes us feel at ease in these surroundings. It blends well with other colours, e.g. with orange.

Blue is considered a cool and calming, eases tension in stressful situations. It is the colour of people who want to grow spiritually, also helps to boost intuition and creativity. It has the impact on human physiological mechanisms – for example, in a blue environment blue colour lowers blood pressure.

This colour relieves pain. Perfectly suited for premises for relaxation and rest. It can also be used in the bedroom – can aid in helping to fall asleep for nervous and overtired people. Due to the fact that it is associated with purity and hygiene – often it is used in the bathroom and kitchen but we must remember that it may possibly work as a brake on appetite, so it is not recommended for people without appetite.

Orange is a very positive colour, reminiscent above all, warmth and comfort. It helps to rid of negative emotions, stimulates the mind to action. Also affects the physiology of the human body – staying in rooms decorated in shades of that colour causes the secretion of digestive juices and increased perception of hunger.

In connection with this it fits very well into the interior, where we prepare and eat meals. Light shades of orange are especially good in the dining room, a little stronger – in the kitchen. Also ideal to use in the interior of restaurants.

strongly working on the human psyche, so it is often helpful in treating nerve disorders. However, it can cause too deep sedation. This colour of universal furniture affects the development of intuition, stimulates the imagination.

Violet is the favourite colour of many artists. Rarely, however, it is used to paint the walls in the interior, it is good to used it in combination with other colours, or as a colour additive.

Green is the colour of nature, it has sedative features. Surrounded with this as a predominant colour we become calm and relaxed. This colour also helps for when we feel hurt emotionally.

This results in humans beneficial physiological changes – reduces muscle tension, lowers blood pressure. In balancing and helping regulate blood circulation. Green is also applicable to the treatment of claustrophobia. This colour perfectly fits to the interior, where we relax and rest.

Brown is the colour of earth, it gives a person a sense of confidence and alleviates insecurity. But it also increases the propensity for hiding their own emotions, turn in yourself for fear of other people and the world.

Brown is the colour that brings home a sense of stability, so it is a colour suitable for people who lack stability in themselves.

The colours can join or share

If the kitchen and dining room are connected to each other, you can even emphasize it by using a similar colour. However, it would be advisable that the combination should be harmonious, e.g.: from light yellow dining room to soft orange kitchen.

Everything, however, depends on the individual investor's idea. Such an operation are suitable for spaces whose functions complement each other. You can also use colours that blend into each other – painting walls or adding a different colour furniture but in colours harmonizing with each other.

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