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The bed hidden in the closet

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The bed hidden in the closet.

The bed hidden in the closet, when unfolded it has all the functions of a traditional bed. This type of bed is called a wall bed, is a great option especially in small rooms which are as comfortable as a normal bed.

Hence a bed that can be pulled out of the closet, and in the morning, hide it and get a lot of free space in the room. The whole mechanism is not complicated – bed is of a normal size (therefore you can easily buy a suitable mattress),it is easy to move and hide in the closet.

The main thing that these beds when folded away are invisible and we gain a lot of free space in the room. The manufacturers, wanting to meet customers needs, found other solutions. Combining items such as desks not only did you have a fold away bed but other uses. This is real multi functional furniture.

Then we have the combination of not only closets and beds, but also bed and desk, table or sofa. Moreover, given the fact that such solutions can be used in children's and youth bedrooms, manufacturers of furniture designed them in exciting colours and forms.

Another important sector of the use of such systems is dreams furniture for studios and micro apartments. Micro apartments is a new trend in the world construction, also popular in the UK.

Today, becoming very popular is convertible and modular furniture, the interesting and novel design works especially well in small apartments and rooms. Unlike a traditional wall unit you are not stuck with what the manufacturers make.

Small apartments and studios need a specific small bedroom designs and good quality products.

Furniture companies have created a small interior furniture that depending on the needs, the closet can turn into a bed or bed into a desk.

Studio apartments and houses with small rooms require careful arrangement In order to maximize usable space, same companies create this type of furniture based on interesting mechanisms..

What is the intention? - To design and produce furniture specifically for studios and small apartments. Each piece of those universal furniture should have several functions or be easy to move.

We never use all furniture at the same time. For example, we do not need the bed during the day, we need more space. Therefore, the surface area which they occupy can be alternatively used for other purposes, which is extremely important.

In the past space saving and modular furniture was not very well made or robust this has now all changed. With more and more famous designers creating modern modules designs that do not resemble their ancestors not just in the UK but also in Italy, Poland or Scandinavia.

They are original, but at the same time have simple forms, allowing to compose them in many different but always functional composition. A new generation of modular furniture are made from high quality materials and designed for people of all ages.

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