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Wicker Basket for Baby, Bed with Canopy, Container and Wheels with Brakes


Wicker Basket for Baby, Bed with Canopy, Container and Wheels with Brakes


Wicker Basket for Baby

with Canopy and Container

Sweet Wicker Basket for baby, lovely bed with canopy, container and wheels with brakes. Basket for Infants is a modern combination of pastel colours, as well as delicate cotton lace with handmade Wicker Basket. An additional advantage distinguishing our product is very well composed basket for baby with container for accessories – so you always have on hand everything you need for your Baby.

This innovative, extremely charming solution is a return to the traditional handicraft products.

Baskets can be used both in the home, as well as on the terrace or garden. They are easy to move, have steering wheels with brakes, and most importantly, keep us in close contact with the child. While this is a large item but you have no problem with passing freely through the door. Provides great comfort your child for about 18 months. Later on, can be used as a basket for laundry or container for your child's toys.

Dimensions: approx. 90 cm in length and approx. 60 cm wide

Because the basket is handmade of wicker, dimensions may differ slightly from those listed.

Presented set consists of twelve parts:

  • Double quilted basket lining (100% polyester) + veil on the canopy of 100% cotton
  • Quilt  size 80×80cm, filling – TENCEL® fibre is soft as silk, strong as polyester, cool as linen, warm as wool and more absorbent than cotton. The results TENCEL® characterized as the most hygienic natural fibre. Without chemical components TENCEL® naturally prevents the growth of bacteria.                             Quilts ALVI TENCEL® are very light and fluffy and well keeping an optimal temperature.

  • Pillow - size 30×40cm, filling – TENCEL® fibre.

  • Mattress Vlies  size 70×38cm, filling is breathable polyester contribution. The whole is trimmed with high-quality fabric "Vlies ''.

  • Pillow case 100% Cotton OKO TEX

  • The duvet cover 100% Cotton OKO TEX

  • Sheet - 92% Cotton OKO TEX, 8% ELASTAN

  • The bottom basket selvages - double, quilted, 100% Cotton OKO TEX, the contribution of 100% Polyester

  • Wicker Baby Basket - size 90×60 H 30cm

  • The wood chassis with wheels and brakes - size 50×50 H 42cm

  • Wicker bottom basket for accessories - size 45×43 H 20cm

  •  Metal rack for the canopy.

2 - 3 weeks delivery time

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