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Small bedroom designs using hidden beds.

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Small bedroom designs.

By using a multi functional furniture such as the Wall Bed you can in the room create additional 2m2. It is nice to have a piece of furniture which is both stylish and practical.

The price per meter in buying a house or apartment is very high so the calculation is quite simple, but hardly anyone pays attention to this.

Bedrooms can do without a lot of furniture, but not without a bed. Using one of this type of  Hidden Bed with cabinets  all you need to complete the interior of your room desk and chair. All thanks to the original design, the bedroom can also serves as a home office.

I would like to present you a very interesting piece of hidden bed. It is easy to use, Wall Bed with cabinets. You can pull the bed down without hardly any efforts. The bed is ready to sleep because the bedding is strapped to it and all that you have to do is unfasten the belts.

Strong mechanisms allow for smooth movement.

Everything what you need for your activities can be stored in the cupboards around the folding bed. The shelves allow you to put a family picture or simply vase with the flowers. Before falling asleep you can switch off the main light and read your book because inbuilt small source of light allows you do so.

One piece of furniture and means so much.

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